public interface ResourceScaling

A FunctionalInterface to define how the capacity of the resource to be scaled by a VerticalVmScaling will be resized, according to the defined scaling factor.

The interval in which the under and overload conditions are checked is defined by the Datacenter.getSchedulingInterval(). This way, during one interval and another, there may be some SLA violation if the resource is overloaded between these intervals.

There are some implementations of this functional interface such as ResourceScalingGradual and ResourceScalingInstantaneous. New ones can be defined using Lambda Expressions.

Author:Manoel Campos da Silva Filho

See also: ResourceScalingGradual, ResourceScalingInstantaneous



ResourceScaling NULL

An attribute that implements the Null Object Design Pattern for ResourceScaling objects.



double getResourceAmountToScale(VerticalVmScaling vmScaling)

Computes the amount of resource to scale up or down, depending if the resource is over or underloaded, respectively.