Provides implementations of Virtual Machines (org.cloudbus.cloudsim.vms.Vm) which are a software package that emulate the architecture of a physical machine. Each VM is executed by a Host and it is used to run applications (org.cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets.Cloudlet). Both VMs and Cloudlets are owned by a specific cloud customer (represented by a org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBroker).

As each VM can run several Cloudlets, the scheduling of such Cloudlets on the VM’s CPU cores (org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources.Pe) is defined by a org.cloudbus.cloudsim.schedulers.cloudlet.CloudletScheduler.

The most basic Vm implementation is the org.cloudbus.cloudsim.vms.VmSimple.

Specific Vm implementations can be power- or network-aware, enabling the simulation of power consumption and network communication. For more information see org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters package documentation.

author:Manoel Campos da Silva Filho