Provides org.cloudbus.cloudsim.cloudlets.Cloudlet implementations, that represent an application that will run inside a org.cloudbus.cloudsim.vms.Vm. Each Cloudlet is abstractly defined in terms of its characteristics, such as the number of Million Instructions (MI) to execute, the number of required org.cloudbus.cloudsim.resources.Pe and a org.cloudbus.cloudsim.utilizationmodels.UtilizationModel for CPU, RAM and bandwidth.

Each utilization model defines how a given resource will be used by the Cloudlet along the time. Some basic utilization models implementations are provided, such as the org.cloudbus.cloudsim.utilizationmodels.UtilizationModelFull, which indicates that a given available resource will be used 100% all the time.

Specific Cloudlet implementations can be, for instance, network-aware, enabling the simulation of network communication. For more information see org.cloudbus.cloudsim.datacenters package documentation.

author:Manoel Campos da Silva Filho