Provides org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBroker classes that act on behalf of a cloud customer, attending his/her requests for creation and destruction of Cloudlets and VMs, assigning such Cloudlets to specific VMs. These brokers can implement decision making algorithms to prioritize submission of Cloudlets to the cloud, to define how a VM is selected to run a given Cloudlets, etc.

The most basic implementation is the org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBrokerSimple that uses a Round-robin algorithm to select a VM from a list to place a submitted Cloudlet, which is called a Cloudlet to VM mapping. Other class such as the org.cloudbus.cloudsim.brokers.DatacenterBrokerHeuristic allows setting a org.cloudsimplus.heuristics.Heuristic to find an sub-optimal mapping.

author:Manoel Campos da Silva Filho